Tips for Choosing a Shared Office Space

According to a study by Coworking Resources, the number of coworking spaces worldwide was projected to reach almost 20,000 in 2020 and cross over 40,000 by 2024. Which leaves the market flooded with several options for businesses to choose from. One is bound to get confused while selecting their ideal coworking space, here are some tips for choosing a shared office space-


  • Location – Choose the coworking space near me which is nearest to you. It saves travel costs and you can enjoy your flexible hours. The location is important because your clients must not struggle to find your office. Selecting a shared office space nearest to you not only saves money but also energy.


  • Office Amenities – Prioritize the office amenities that you wish to have in your office. Coworking spaces provide all the necessary services that a traditional office has to offer like- high-speed internet connection, a stocked pantry, conference rooms, printers, and scanners, etc.


  • Environment – The best way to make your business flourish is to choose a shared office space that provides a collaborative and creative environment where the workers are free to have organic conversations and network.


  • Flexibility – A flexible coworking space is the best option because they offer cost-effective and customized plans to their clients. Flexibility in terms of working hours has also become important. These days people prefer to work according to their schedule.


  • Security – Choose a shared office space that does not compromise on security. The hubs should be secured with CCTV surveillance cameras and security guards so you can focus on your work.


  • Access – It should not matter whether you have company-established working hours or you work according to your schedule, a coworking space that is accessible 24×7 is an ideal option. This allows you to come in super early or pull an all-nighter, our hubs are functional round the clock.


  • Hidden Cost – Be sure to ask for any hidden cost associated with the equipment like printers and scanners and for the usage for conference rooms.


Boxally offers all these benefits and more. It has successfully established 880 coworking spaces across 15 states. Why Boxally is popular in the industry is because of their team’s holistic approach to creating an

unprecedented space that stimulates creativity and productivity. Along with providing a vibrant shared office space it also helps its occupants to grow and learn as a community, thus making it the best coworking space.