Shared Workspace - The Great Option

You must have observed that these days people are removing themselves from a traditional office setting and opting for a shared workspace. Along with being a vibrant and creative space these coworking spaces are responsible for increased productivity and business growth.

A JLL Research has predicted that flexible space demand will increase as a result of COVID-19. 30% of all office space will be consumed flexibly by 2030 and India’s co-working space market is likely to cross 50 million square feet by 2023. Coworking workspaces such as Boxally have become a great option and you must explore a shared office space near you to find the following benefits-


  • More flexibility – Shared workspaces provide flexibility in cost, plan, and space. These do not require a longer period lease, no upfront costs and you can switch from private to a bigger space as per your requirement.


  • Opportunity to network – In a shared office atmosphere, you can meet and connect with people from all walks of life working on different projects and having different experiences. A space like this nurtures truly organic collaboration and conversations which is the true value of shared office spaces near me.


  • Zero maintenance – Unlike in the case of renting an entire office, you are not directly involved in setting up or the upkeep of the facility. Therefore, you save money and can focus more on work which increases productivity. Shared workspaces are without a doubt more cost-effective than renting an office space.


  • Increased productivity – Shared workspaces like Boxally make it their mission to provide their occupants with a haven ensuring their comfort while stimulating their work creativity and productivity. These spaces are capable to accommodate the change in energy or focus that one faces during the day with its designed spaces and environment.


  • Promotes work-life balance – A coworking office is a great option for people who have to work in isolation especially during this pandemic time. Human interactions are an important part of one’s life, a shared office is an ideal place to work to maintain a mental well being and to grow and learn as a part of the community.


India is globally the second-largest market for flexible workspaces, this industry is seeing new entrants like Boxally every day. Yet Boxally can maintain its position in the market with over 880 coworking spaces across 15 different states. It has been successfully offering its occupants a vibrant work culture where flexibility is paramount and therefore, Boxally is considered the best in the country.