Boxally – Coworking Space in Guwahati Now at only 3999/-

Coworking spaces are the most cost-effective alternative to setting up an office. One of the most renowned coworking office spaces is Boxally. It is a place where dreamers from diverse walks of life could connect, be inspired by each other’s ideas, and redefine success by working as a community.


Boxally has successfully established itself in the country with over 880 coworking spaces across 15 states, which includes Guwahati. It is a popular name among start-ups, freelancers, tech-nerds, and even employees from big and small companies. If you are searching for a coworking space in Guwahati that also provides virtual office coworking then Boxally is the answer. It is not just shared office space but a community of talented professionals working on various projects, ventures, and businesses who grow and learn together.


It has an easy signup process without the involvement of complex documentation. All you have to do is to give their team a call where you can also request a demo of this coworking space in Guwahati. You will get all office like facilities, for example- high-speed internet, conference/meeting rooms, printers, scanners, locker rooms, professional security, fully stocked pantry, etc at only INR 3999/-. Their team works on the principle of flexibility and provides specialized plans to meet individual requirements. You can save up to INR 50K over 3-year plans without the condition of a long lease.


Boxally also supports virtual office coworking. It allows team members to join from any remote location making meetings more efficient and increasing team engagement. With an internet connection and user-friendly technology, workers can connect from anywhere. These interactions are recorded for on-demand viewing and team.


There are several other benefits of choosing Boxally as your coworking space in Guwahati-


● Flexible working hours

● 24x 7 access to private and shared spaces

● Zero maintenance for the upkeep of the facility

● Employees can work remotely in a professional setting

● Reduces loneliness and promotes a collaborative environment

● Provides great networking opportunities

● Promotes work-life balance and increases productivity


Boxally aims to provide all office-like facilities without the rigidity of one. Their team is constantly working to provide an unparalleled space that stimulates creativity and can accommodate the needs of all kinds of workers. It is without a doubt the best coworking space in Guwahati and we recommend you give Boxally a chance to provide you with your ideal office.