Frequently Ask Questions

Question: What is Coworking?

Answer – The use of an office or other working environment by the people who are self employed typically so as to share equipment, ideas and knowledge.

Question: Is Coworking a better alternative than a traditional office?

Answer – Coworking spaces tend to be affordable and cater to every professional’s needs. Manu al offer flexible short-term and long-term contracts, allowing you to re-evaluate your office space as frequently as you may need to.

Question: Are there any hidden fees?

Answer – Chargres are excluded of 18% GST other than this there is no any hidden charges at all.

Question: When can I move in?

Answer – These are Ready To Move offices you move in just after your booking.

Question: How many hours of conference room time do I get?

Answer – There is no any boundations for using conference room it is completely subject to occupancy.

Question: What’s the termination policy?

Answer – Clients have to give 1 month notice period for termination from office.